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The History of Scalar Energy
The History of Scalar Energy
Scalar Energy is becoming popular in recent years amongst alternative health communities, but it has actually been around for quite a long time.

Scientific Researchers of Scalar Energy
The enigmatic realm of Scalar Energy has piqued the interest of scientists from diverse domains, even as it remains a subject of debate within the broader scientific community. It is very important to emphasize that the conception and progression of Scalar Energy are not attributable to a single scientist or specific group. Instead, it stands as a subject of ongoing contention and vigorous discourse.

In the forthcoming articles, we embark on an in-depth exploration, illuminating the research endeavours of more than 35 distinguished scholars who have dedicated their lives and expertise to unravelling the mystery of Scalar Energy. This compilation is a testament to the multifaceted intrigue and intricacy that shroud this captivating field of study. Through their collective efforts, these scholars advance our understanding of Scalar Energy's potential and implications across various scientific disciplines.

Scientific Researchers of Scalar Energy – 1
James Clerk Maxwell (1831 – 1879)

A prominent Scottish physicist and mathematician, is celebrated for his profound contributions to the realm of electromagnetism. His legacy is anchored in the formulation of Maxwell's equations, a set of fundamental equations that delineate the behavior of electromagnetic fields. While Maxwell's primary focus wasn't specifically on Scalar Energy, his pioneering work in electromagnetic theory bears relevance to this intriguing topic.

Maxwell's equations provide a comprehensive framework that elucidates the intricate relationship between electric and magnetic fields, unraveling the propagation of electromagnetic waves. These waves, characterized as transverse waves traversing space at the speed of light, form the cornerstone of modern physics. Scalar Energy, while often regarded as an energy variant beyond the electromagnetic spectrum, maintains a connection with the underpinnings of electromagnetic theory.

It's worth emphasizing that Maxwell's scholarly pursuits have reverberated far beyond his era, shaping the landscape of modern physics. His influence extends into diverse domains, spanning telecommunications, electronics, and computer science. Although his direct investigations didn't encompass Scalar Energy, his enduring work has indelibly enriched our comprehension of energy and wave behavior within the natural world. Maxwell's intellectual legacy remains a beacon guiding our understanding of these profound phenomena.

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Scientific Researchers of Scalar Energy – 2
Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943)

A brilliant Serbian-American inventor and engineer, is often attributed with pioneering the concept of Scalar Energy. He held a steadfast belief in the existence of an energy form distinct from electromagnetism, which he aptly named "Radiant Energy."

In the early 20th century, Tesla embarked on a series of groundbreaking experiments aimed at unraveling the enigmatic properties of Scalar Energy. Notably, he demonstrated its astonishing capacity to transmit energy across vast distances without the need for conventional wires or cables. Tesla envisioned a future where Scalar Energy could revolutionize the way homes and buildings were powered.

Tesla's intellectual contributions extended well beyond his experiments; he penned extensive treatises delving into the realm of Scalar Energy. He asserted that this novel energy form held immense potential for communication and energy transmission. His visionary concept of Scalar Waves offered the tantalizing prospect of sending messages and signals over vast distances, free from interference from external sources.

Nikola Tesla's profound insights into Scalar Energy continue to inspire scientific inquiry and innovation, underscoring his enduring legacy in the exploration of this captivating field.

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Scientific Researchers of Scalar Energy - 3
Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

a distinguished German-born theoretical physicist, stands as an iconic figure whose profound contributions reshaped our understanding of the cosmos. Despite not specifically delving into Scalar Energy, Einstein's invaluable insights are intrinsically connected to this intriguing domain.

Einstein's crowning achievement, the theory of relativity, revolutionized physics by proposing the equivalence of energy and matter, famously encapsulated in the equation E=mc². This groundbreaking concept catalyzed the emergence of nuclear energy and provided a profound comprehension of the intricate interplay between matter and energy. Although Scalar Energy is often perceived as operating beyond the electromagnetic spectrum, it remains an indispensable facet of the study of energy and matter. Einstein's oeuvre, therefore, finds relevance in this context.

His enduring legacy reverberates across the corridors of modern physics, leaving an indelible mark. His profound influence extends into diverse fields, ranging from telecommunications and electronics to computer science. His pioneering work undeniably enriches our comprehension of the foundational principles governing energy and matter's fundamental nature in the vast expanse of the universe.

Albert Einstein's intellectual contributions transcend time, serving as a guiding beacon illuminating the intricacies of our universe. His work remains an invaluable asset in our collective pursuit of understanding the profound connections between energy, matter, and the cosmos.

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Scientific Researchers of Scalar Energy - 4
Dr. Maseru Emoto (1943 – 2014)

A renowned Japanese researcher and prolific author, has achieved widespread recognition for his groundbreaking investigations into the intriguing interplay between consciousness and the molecular structure of water. While Dr. Emoto's primary focus did not revolve around Scalar Energy, his research bears undeniable relevance to this captivating field.

Emoto's pioneering studies shed light on the astonishing susceptibility of water's molecular structure to an array of influences, including emotions, thoughts, and intentions. His groundbreaking proposition posits that positive intentions wield the power to induce transformative changes in water's molecular arrangement, thereby fostering enhanced health and overall well-being. While Scalar Energy is often situated outside the electromagnetic spectrum, Emoto's work on the impact of consciousness on water underscores the possibility of other energy forms that can profoundly affect the natural world.

It's noteworthy that Emoto's research has not been without controversy in scientific circles, with critics questioning the validity of his methodologies and conclusions. Nonetheless, his work has left an indelible mark on the ongoing exploration of the intricate connections between energy, consciousness, and the natural world.

Dr. Masaru Emoto's contributions have kindled a curiosity that continues to inspire scholars and seekers alike, inviting us to ponder the profound ways in which our intentions and consciousness can shape the world around us.

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Present Day
The alternative health community has termed Scalar Energy "Energy Medicine". Some Acupressure Practitioners are advocating that pressure point massage with the subtle energy of Scalar products help restore various energy fields in our body as well as spiritual and emotional wellbeing.
Here are some of the terms used to reference what we know as Scalar Energy

The many names of Scalar Energy

James Clerk Maxwell (1831 – 1879)
discovered the existence of Scalar Energy in the Mid 1850 (more than 173 years ago)

Misinformed Energy Product Resellers
Mainstream Energy product reseller have corrupted the purity of the words Scalar Energy to include almost all forms of energy
Negative Ion Energy
Germanium Energy
Far Infra-red Energy
and even Magnetic Energy

Scalar Energy is not Negative Ion Energy

The History of Negative Ion Energy

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