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Scalar Energy is not Negative Ion Energy

The History of Negative Ion Energy
Negative Ion Energy was first observed in 1869 by German physicist Julius Plücker  and Johann Wilhelm Hittorf and was named in 1876 by Eugen Goldstein Kathodenstrahlen or cathode rays.
In 1897, British physicist J. J. Thomson showed that cathode rays were composed of a previously unknown negatively charged particle.
Philipp Eduard Anton von Lenard (1862 – 1947)
the winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1905 for his work on cathode rays and the discovery of many of their properties was credited with the discovery of Negative Ion
If you have ever been to a Health and Wellness Exhibition anywhere in the world, chances are you would have heard something about Energy Products. Mainstream commercial resellers of Energy products have adulterated the very meaning of the words Scalar Energy to include all forms of other types of energy like:
Negative Ion Energy
Germanium Energy
Far Infra-red Energy
and even Magnetic Energy
just because they do not know the product that they are selling

It is wise to be knowledgeable about the various Energy Products that are available on the market. Many forms of so called "SCALAR ENERGY" counterfeit products have been found to emit high levels of
radioactivity Thorium, Uranium and Potassium which could potentially be dangerous to your health 
What are Negative Ion Pendants made of?

Negative Ion Pendants are made of Tourmaline Powder.
Negative Ion Energy Products are not able to hold a Negative Charge for long periods of time (will not exceed 2 years) even when not used.
This has forced manufacturers to charge the Products in access of 2,500 Ions and in many instances even at dangerous levels of above 5,000 to 10,000 Ions in the hopes that the Negative Charge will last longer.
Over Charged Negative Ion Products have been found to emit high levels of Radioactive Thorium, Uramium and Potassium as indicated in a recent study

Beware of Counterfeit Products

FusionExcel™ Radiation Counterfeit

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